25 Dec 2006, 12:40pm

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Reaching, Always

John Lennon said it in Imagine. Imaginative people have been saying it for centuries, millennia. Maybe enlightenment only comes to the individual, but I like to believe that an entire society is capable of achieving social peace and unity. Dream, imagine, believe; live peace, become love…

Someone has to be the brave and daring soul. Someone has to reach out first, has to be the first – wholly commit to being the one to hold out a hand regardless of the cost, and irrespective of the other’s position.

Someone has to lay down his gun first, and live for peace. It is too easy to die for a cause; it is too tempting to celebrate those who give their lives for a cause.

It is so horrifically simple to hate – to kill for a cause.

It is so much greater to live a life of compassion and respect for all.

We are not all so different that there should be hate. Not one of us has the right to kill another of us – there is no reason on this good Earth that gives us that right. We all share the same blood; when one of us spills the blood of another, it is the blood of us all.

Put aside your selfishness and greed to give your neighbor a hand.  Show your fellow man that there is nothing to fear from you. Be the brave one to stand up and take that step.

Every day as we go about our lives, whether on a grand scale or in the little ways, it is a choice each of us must make: Love and peace, or hate and destruction. Every individual has the power to make a difference.

You are not alone, we stand together in love, peace, and hope.

Whatever Holiday you celebrate this season, may it be in Peace, with the ones you love.

– David Jay Spyker

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